10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career In Real Estate

Why consider a career on real estate

In the Philippines, a career in selling is not among the top careers that are in our parents’ list. When you ask five year old children on what they want to become when they grow up, they would instantly say either to be a Doctor or an Engineer. There is nothing wrong with that, except that such “dream job” was inculcated by the parents to their children and it wasn’t their choice.

Little did people know, that a career in selling is really a fun career and it is even cooler when you are in real estate. Sales is one of the most important part of every business. Without sales, a business could go bankrupt. Among the different products for sale out there, real estate is one of the most rewarding and lucrative. Apart from that, there are more reasons why a career in real estate is something you should consider and such reasons are:

1. It is a Professional Career

For one to enter into the real estate selling business, one has to acquire a real estate broker license. Which means you have to take the Board Exam for this. When you pass the Real Estate Brokers’ Licensure exam your name will be entered in the list of professional brokers and you will be given your PRC ID as proof that you can engage into real estate brokerage services.

career in real estate

2. Real Estate is a Solid industry

If you look at the list of Billionaires in the Philippines or even in a global scale there will always be one industry that is constant in their investment portfolio, that is, real estate. For one reason or another, these billionaires either have their own real estate business. What is the main business of McDonald’s? If you think their main business is selling burgers then you are wrong, their main business is real estate.

career in real estate

3. Career in Real Estate Brings out Your Creativity

When you pursue a career in real estate and you start out alone, it will really bring out your creativity, especially in answering the question ” How do I start this business without any capital?”. If you think you need a huge amount of money to start a career in real estate well that is not true. It takes creativity, understand how real estate works and let your creative thinking solve your real estate problems. Getting listings as well as buyers will also require your creativity.

career in real estate

4. You Never Stop Learning

Aside from the fact that the RESA Law require you to take Continuing Professional Development units, you always learn something new. You either learn it from your peers or your clients. Even when you fail to close a deal you learn something. Which makes this career a lot more exciting!

career in real estate

5. You Get To Meet A Lot of People

Meeting a lot of people is a must in the real estate selling career. Meeting more people increases the possibility of finding a buyer for one of the properties that you are selling. Not to mention the fact that meeting people helps you learn more in dealing with different types of personality, it increases your understanding and patience.

career in real estate

6. You will never be out of work

If you opt to work for a real estate firm at the start of your career in real estate, you will always have the fall back of starting your own real estate brokerage firm when things don’t work out for you as an employee. Land may be a limited resource but the number of properties being sold is regularly replenished year after year so as long as you work hard in getting listings and buyers you will never be out of work.

career in real estate

7. Your hardwork is rewarded

In real estate selling, your hard work is rewarded. If you spend extra hours looking for a buyer to your luxury home listing, you will eventually find one using all the marketing strategies that you know. And when you do, you are going to be rewarded with a hefty commission.

career in real estate

8. You Get to Travel

Okay, unless you have listings outside of your city then your travel is limited within your area of operation. You get to familiarize yourself with the different areas in your area of operation. You learn the best routes going to the properties you are selling. Always take note of that because of the fact that you would like to take the best and fastest route whenever you bring your clients for property visit and inspection.

career in real estate

9. Real Estate Helps Your Finances Grow Exponentially

Real estate properties as a product amounts to hundreds of thousand to millions of pesos worth. The commission that you get from each of your sale could even be more than one year worth of salary for when you are working as an employee.

career in real estate

10. You Are Rich With Time

Time is one commodity that we cannot replenish, the time that has passed could never be recovered. With real estate, you are not bounded by a 8-5 job, it is results based, as long as you sell more you get more commissions. You are in control on how you use your time, you can allot ample time for both your real estate career and your family. You will be able to spend more time with your children and not miss every milestone in their life. You are doing this for them after all.

career in real estate

So are you thinking of starting a career in real estate? Are you based in Baguio City? You can join us and be part of a young, dynamic and fun team of real estate professionals! Send your resume at info@northluzonprop.com now.

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