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Many would have been dreaming of their dream house to be big where they could do lots of things to maximize the spaces by having a large kitchen or adding entertainment areas such as swimming pool or theater room. Others would prefer to have a small house enough for them to live as long as they are complete and happy living together. People might have a different perspective when it comes to the size of their dream house but the big question is “Does the size of the house matters?”

Here are some of the reasons why the size of the house is important when planning to purchase a house. 

Think of the Future

When planning to build a house you should not only consider the present time but also see what are the possible things that might happen in the future, one here is having a family and have kids. With this, the number of people who will live in the house will increase that’s why you have to make sure that you have enough space where you can convert as rooms for your children. But, there are instances that others would prefer to live alone, if this is the case then a small space can do.


Having a big house compared to a small house can be a factor as to why you are spending much on the maintenance. The bigger the space, the more part of the house will be needing a repair and some needs a weekly, monthly, yearly and even daily maintenance. The repairs for some parts of the house will surely cost you a hefty sum of money. 

Comfortable and can accommodate all the occupants

Is the house spacious enough to accommodate your number? Space is very important, the size of your house should accommodate your number. Space should be enough for everyone in the house to move comfortably and not having difficulty in maximizing the space of the house to fit everything. 


Your bills will depend on how many electronic gadgets and equipment you have at home. The bigger the size of your house, the wider space where you can display your gadget or equipment. But, not all big size houses are equipped with gadgets/equipment sometimes smaller houses even have more.

Not Always at Home

Due to work that involves a lot of travel some rarely have the chance to go home. This can result in the house being empty for a long time. With that, an individual in this kind of situation will not be needing a big house. 


It’s a common business now to rent extra space/room of houses (if you have one). This is one of the ways to generate income and mostly those with big houses are into this kind of business due to having unoccupied spaces in their houses. When you have extra space, better rent it out to make use of it instead of just making it a stock room. 

Well, the choice is still up to you because it’s your dream house. Whatever the size of your house is, you should be happy as long as you’re happy living together with your loved ones.

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