Characteristics of your Home Shopping Buddy a.k.a. Your Real Estate Broker

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Real estate brokerage is always connected to selling, but through the years, the methods of selling has evolved to the point that real estate brokerage has become more of a service rather than selling a property.

Every real estate broker or real estate salesperson must understand that real estate brokerage entails activities that are not found in your traditional methods of selling. In fact, it is because of these activities that real estate brokers and sales persons were transformed from sellers to a clients’ personal property shopping buddy.

What is a Property Shopping Buddy?

You might be asking, what is a property shopping buddy? To put it simply, your real estate broker or real estate salesperson assumes the role of helping you out in finding the real estate property that is best for you and your family.

Characteristics of A Real Estate Home Shopping Buddy (Real Estate Broker or Salesperson)

1. Caring – Believe it or not, real estate brokers genuinely care that you find the right property for you and your family. As Real Estate Brokers or Salespersons, we desire that the house you will buy is something that you can call your own, this is why we ask a lot of questions during initial contact. Questions like location, house design , lot area and floor area preference, we will also ask how much your budget is. We know that sometimes asking for your budget could make you cringe but know that we are only asking because we really want to find the right property for you and one that you and your family will enjoy instead of becoming a financial burden.

2. Persistent – contrary to old selling methods, being persistent doesn’t mean that we are going to force you into buying something that you do not like. Rather, as real estate brokers, we are not going to give up looking for the right property that will match your requirements. This is why sometimes we are regarded as persistent matchmakers.

3. Thrives in Results – as real estate brokers or salespersons, we thrive in results. You do not have to pay us anything until we finalize the deal when you finally buy your dream property. Which means while you are still thinking on whether the property is a good fit for you or not, we do not get paid, and that is okay. It comes with the job and we thrive when we produce results so there is no need for you to feel bad.

4. Good Listener – if you find us not talking much, it is because we are listening to you. We are listening to your wants and desires in a property. And while you do that, our brains are already searching for potential locations and potential houses that are in our listings. Do you want a pet-friendly neighborhood? You do not need to tell us, we can get that from when you told the story on how you came to own 5 dogs. A good real estate broker must have great listening and comprehension skills.

5. Problem Solver – there are triggers or motivations that prompt clients to buy a new house. It could be a realization on how much they are spending on rent and they could have just spent it paying for a monthly mortgage for a house. It could also be that their current house is so unhealthy that they needed to transfer to a healthier location- one which is also conducive for raising your children. Whatever the situation or the problem is (as long as real estate related), real estate brokers will always exert effort to find a solution to your problem.

Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Salespersons nowadays put more importance on the relationship that we build with our clients. To see you happy with the decision you made on buying real estate is what motivates us to find more clients we could help. This is the mindset that is inculcated in every Brokers or Real Estate Salespersons at North Luzon Properties. So if you are looking for a home shopping buddy, do not hesitate to contact us and rest assured that you can rely on us.

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