Do these 8 side hustles to fund your real estate investment

Let’s be honest, investing in a real estate property is no joke, especially with the money that you will have to shell out from reservation fee to downpayment. In Baguio City alone, a house and lot package will start from 3 Million. If you have that much money which you an spend without hurting your savings, emergency fund and retirement fund then maybe this article is not for you, if you are a person about to enter a new phase in your life, getting married, starting a family, moving to another location, but you do not have much cash to spare or you are unable to pay the reservation fee or downpayment, then here are some things you can do to help you earn and increase your finances bringing you a step closer to owning your first real estate investment.

1. Be A Real Estate Salesperson

real estate salesperson side hustle

To own one, you have to sell one as they say in real estate. The best part about becoming a real estate salesperson, you can do this part-time and the hours are really flexible. With the use of technology you can even gather leads online without having to go door-to-door or without standing in a high foot traffic area and give out flyers. But of course it needs some degree of investment on your part. You have to invest time in order to cater to your clients, the best thing about this is you can schedule your client meetups or if you are unable to do so you can always ask a fellow professional real estate salesperson to help you out. If you really want to, there will always be a way for you to close that deal. You also have to invest time in getting your PRC License for Real Estate Salesperson. There are no exams to get the license, you only have to accomplish a 15-Unit CPD seminar from an accredited provider. Once you get all those things that you need, you can now invest time in finding leads and clients.

2. Sell Online

sell online side hustle

Do you have a product to sell? It could be clothes, toys, crafts, food or something else. As long as it could be shipped you are looking at another potential side hustle. The internet has given everyone the opportunity to earn and selling online is just one way to earn. In the Philippines there are several platforms on where you can sell your products and the best part is some of these platforms have a huge user base that showing your product to a lot of its user is going to be really easy. Platforms such as Shopee and Lazada are the two most popular platforms in the Philippines right now and both of them allow you to sell in their platform.

3. Become a Freelancer

freelancer side hustle

The best thing about being a freelancer is that you can choose the client you want to bid for and earn doing what you love. Are you a photographer? A writer? A Website Designer? Programmer? There are a lot of people worldwide looking for skills like yours. If you are a writer you can write content for a website, deliver the required articles and get paid. Where do you find clients looking for such service? Try Freelancer or Upwork.

4. Got a spare room? Got a Car? Share it

airbnb uber grab side hustle

Okay, you wouldn’t probably have to really share your car or your spare room, but you can have it rented out. If you have a spare room, you can rent it out through AirBnB. If you have a car you might want to use it as Grab Car or maybe to transport things via Transportify. With the rise of the sharing economy there is definitely something you have that you will be able to share and earn from it.

5. Create Online Content

Blog and Create online content side hustle

It could either be a blog or a vlog, creating content on topics you are passionate about can be monetized. As long as you meet the basic criteria for platform monetization, such as on facebook, Google or YouTube the content you put in these platforms will earn. The only challenge here is growing your user base, the more people looking at your content, the more chances that the ads are seen or clicked thereby earning you some revenue.

6. Handle Rental Properties

property rental side hustle

You might not have real estate properties to rent out but you might know someone who does, or you might know someone who has a property that is just sitting idle and unused. You can ask them if you could help them find renters for their property, handle everything that is there to handle with regards to property rental in exchange for a commission. This deal is a win-win because you do not have to work 8-5 but you will definitely earn significant revenue while the owner doesn’t have to worry about looking for renters, advertising, marketing and showing of the property to potential renters. The owner will just have to relax and receive the monthly rent.

7. Offer Handyman Services

side hustle offer handyman services

Do you have the knack for plumbing, carpentry and other home repairs? Or maybe you are more inclined to car repairs? Whatever it is, you can offer such services to earn money towards your real estate investment fund. And since you are only considering this as a side hustle you can offer such services during the weekend or any other day that you are free to do such work.

8. Invest in Real Estate

side hustles invest in real estate

It may sound counter to the message we are trying to convey, however, this will apply to those who may have a million pesos or two but doesn’t have enough money to buy the property that they want. What you can do is to invest your money in real estate with the help of a real estate developer. From time to time, real estate developers are looking for investors who would help fund their real estate projects in exchange of a good return of investment (ROI) which could be as fast as 3-6 months return. Of course you should also be wary of some illegal schemes, it is a matter of finding the right people to partner with. If you are interested in this kind of legal investment you can email us at and we will connect you with real estate developers actively looking for investors.

There you go, the 8 side-hustles you can do to earn funding for your real estate investment. Of course there are more ways to earn money legally as a side-hustle but these are the 8 things that we, or people we know have tried and became successful doing it. Do you have a side hustle that was not mentioned in this list? We’d like to know, comment below.

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