Ten Types of Home Buyers

Buying a home is a long term plan that it takes time for anyone to finally decide to buy a house of their own. When buying a home there are lots of things to consider such as the budget, location and the value of the property.

Being in the real estate industry you will surely encounter different types of home buyers. Here, I have listed below some of it. 

1. First Time Home Buyer

These are the people who have been saving to buy a house of their own. They can be one of those who have been renting their whole life that they already have enough budget to buy a house. These people rely on the internet to check properties that are for sale. One tip for first-time buyers is they should seek the help of a trusted and licensed broker or salesperson like us here at North Luzon Properties to help you look for the right property you are looking for. 

2. Married with children

Due to the growing number of the family, a bigger space is needed for a comfortable living. With this, the family needs to expand their house and probably purchase a bigger one. For this, since there are children, it’s most likely that the location of the house is near schools.

3. Newlyweds

Having a house for newlyweds is one of their goals. They are keen on the details for them not to purchase the wrong house. Buying a house for them needs a wise decision making that they help each other in looking and searching for the best house. Newlyweds looking for a house are searching online and inquiring about every post that caught their interest. They create a list and pick their top choices then schedule site viewing for each property.

4. Bachelor/ Bachelorette

For bachelor and bachelorette, they tend to have a specific choice of color. For a bachelor, they preferably choose darker and minimalist colors while bachelorette chooses to have soft and bright colors. But not all who belong to this group are the same, people have different taste when it comes to colors and designs. When it comes to space, some choose to have a big space for activities such as gathering and parties that involve friends and families while others would choose a small space since they are living alone.  

5. Second Time Home Owner

Most likely they are the ones who are into an investment, they have extra money to buy properties for investment purposes. The property they would probably buy from you is in a location that is good for income-generating activities and the property’s value will increase shortly after some few developments.

6. In a Relationship

Two people planning and getting ready for their future and that includes their dream house. After being together for long, they want things to be set before getting married and have kids. They would save together and start searching for a property that suits their preference and budget.

7. Retiree

People who have retired or planning to retire from work would choose a place that is best to relax. They would choose to stay in a place that is far from the city or somewhere that is peaceful and not noisy. They would also love to be an area where they can exercise such as morning walks.

8. Balikbayan

After living and working overseas and finally deciding to return here in the country they would choose to build a house to see the fruit of their hardships and sacrifices of working abroad.

9. Migrants

Some would choose to have a new environment or just needed to move due to work. This type of home buyers mostly looks for ready for occupancy houses due to short notice. They are not familiar with the place that you need to have a brief description of it for them to have an idea of how it looks like. 

10. Just checking homes

This person has the least intention to buy a house but it doesn’t mean that he/ she is not capable to buy one. He/She only has the interest to check homes that caught his/her attention. You can still convert this person as a lead by not ending the communication with him/her. By the time that he/she is ready to buy a house you will the first person he/she will contact. 

What I listed above are just a few types of home buyers and there are more to add there. I’m sure you belong to one of the types of homebuyers in the list. So, which type of homebuyer are you?

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