The one thing I like about living in Baguio City

Okay, when you say Baguio City, you might guess that the one thing I like about living here is the weather. Well, that is already a given, the weather in Baguio City is really something one will come to love- not too hot and not too cold the temperature in Baguio is just perfect.

However, that is not the one thing I like about living in Baguio City, well, the weather is up there in the list but at this point in time of my life, this other thing trumps weather.

What is the One Thing I like about living in Baguio City?

Food, to be exact, the accessibility and availability of fresh, clean ingredients. Since I made that decision to go on a plant-based diet, I realized how lucky I am to be living in a city that has access to fresh produce. Baguio City is the gateway to the Cordilleras and the link to the plains of Central Luzon and Ilocos Regions. The location of Baguio City is so strategic that it is near farmlands.

If you seek to buy highland vegetables like carrots, potatoes or lettuce among others then you do not have to worry as these ingredients are available. Looking for high-quality coffee? Baguio City is at the heart of the arabica coffee industry, the type of coffee that is said to be of high quality and really way better tasting than that of your sugar-loaded 3-in-1 mix.

For someone who is transitioning into eating only plant-based food, accessibility and availability of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits make the transition easier.

Add the weather, the fresh air to the fresh produce that Baguio has then you have the perfect environment for a healthy living.

Real Estate Lesson

The real estate lesson here? Location matters if you want to find a place to live. Do not settle for a location that is just okay for you. However, you also do not have to be stressed out on spending the time to look for that perfect location, because that is what we are here for, your real estate brokers are here to help you find that perfect place that you can really call home.

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